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system-file-manager icon missing in Enlightenment-X icon theme
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Opening an efm windows I don't the it's icon on ibar

ProhtMeyhet reassigned this task from zmike to DaveMDS.Oct 4 2016, 1:17 PM
ProhtMeyhet added subscribers: DaveMDS, ProhtMeyhet.

i wanted to report this, too, and then i saw @DaveMDS is working on icons. for this, reassigning this task to him.

see also f0025b34c874f148b2dbb5208d9a4bf281c17dc3 (i don't know if thats still the case):

// Disable all the FDO icons for the moment as they are in svg format, the svg
// loader is still outside the efl tree, thus we cannot build efl :(
// #include "edc/elm/icon_fdo.edc"

Icon added, thanks for reporting