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selection size / buffer size limit?
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I'm using the latest FreeBSD port builds of EFL, elementary and terminology.

I was trying to copy a SSL certficate from a remote SSH session to a local terminal. It works if I open my remote session via a urxvt terminal and my local vim via urxvt. If I use terminology for the remote SSH session and urxvt for the local it works as well. However, opening vim via terminology on the local terminal and my insert gets truncated. It doesn't seem to matter if I use urxvt or terminology for my remote SSH session.

It seems to truncate at about 30 lines of text.

I'm using the X buffer and not the copy / paste buffer. ie: select via mouse and then Shift-Ins or middle-mouse click to "paste".

rhavenn created this task.Oct 5 2016, 1:22 PM
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Can you try with 2 terminology on the same computer?
I just tried and copied 40k (about 592 lines).

Yes. I have some local cert files. In a terminology window I did a cat filename.crt and then did a selection of that output. I started vim in another terminology window and it got chopped off when using middle-mouse or Shift-Ins.

If I open a gvim window I can Shift-Ins the whole buffer without making another selection. So, I think the data is in the X buffer. I tried inserting into nano as well and it does the same thing.

It's chopping off, it appears to me, at a character count in the middle of the line. No special characters nearby.

I uploaded a test key I just generated. When pasting it chops off with the line that starts with 'tVn' about 30 lines down. The last characters it outpus is the 'tVn' .

I tried with your file and it worked perfectly. I did test it across 2 terminology and also in the same terminology.
Are you using a copy/paste-manager or something like that?

I've recently got E running at home and it does the same thing there. I can paste / insert into anything except another terminology window where it cuts off whether that be in vim, nano, or just on the command line.

Home is also a FreeBSD 10.3 box.

I have noticed the same truncation of text when coping from one window to the next.
It seems for me to happen at about 418 lines in Vim and 487 lines in Nano with the attached file.

Terminology with split horizontally, ssh to another machine (Rpi).
Select text from text editor (kate) on main computer and paste into either Vim or Nano using Crtl+Shit+v.

If I use the same setup in Konsole then it works as expected.

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 17.04
Release: 17.04
Codename: zesty
Flavor: Kubuntu{F1821844}

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