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On gnome 3.22 running on wayland black screen
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When starting terminoloy on a wayland gnome session I get a black screen with a blinking cursor.

ProhtMeyhet added a subscriber: ProhtMeyhet.EditedOct 11 2016, 2:35 PM

what happens if you right click inside the terminology window? does settings open and if so, can you try changing the theme?

also, please post the versions of terminology, efl, wayland, your operating system and it's version. it maybe helpful if you start terminology via another terminal and post the error messages you get, if any.

I can't right click.

If I start from bash I get:

CRI<25764>:elementary lib/elementary/elm_conform.c:925 _elm_conformant_efl_canvas_group_group_add() Failed to set layout!
ERR<25764>:elementary lib/elementary/elm_layout.c:1034 _elm_layout_content_set() could not swallow 0x4000000420000043 into part 'elm.swallow.content'
ERR<25764>:termpty termptyesc.c:1428 _handle_esc_xterm() unhandled xterm esc 7

I am running OpenSuse Tumbleweed, Terminology version 0.9.1, wayland version 1.12.0, efl 1.18.1

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sorry for the delay. i've had a brief talk with some devs and they can't figure out whats going on. adding @simotek because it might be a packaging and or theme/icon issue. @bu5hm4n said terminology wasn't even using e's border, but gnomes border.

in the meantime can you please provide the outputs of (please format accordingly)

zypper lr -u

rpm -ql terminology

rpm -ql efl

zypper info terminolog

zypper info efl