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[Bug] Selection under, Selection over, Cursor under, Cursor over options don't work
Closed, ResolvedPublic



  1. Add new layout 'new0' with new rectangle [color:red]
  2. Add new layout 'new1'
  3. Add new style "n_style" in 'Textblock style maneger'
  4. Add new textblock [text:'test', entry mode:editable (or Plain - no matter)]
  5. Set Selection under: new0
  6. Long press and move right or left on text in animator

Nothing happened. Empty workspace is displayed

User sees red highlight under the text.

The same is actual for:

  • Selection over
  • Cursor under
  • Cursor over
  • Anchors under
  • Anchors over
  • Select mode
  • Entry mode
  • Cursor mode