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Mouse bindings only work on titlebar, not window content
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Some time ago, I used to be able to set up a mouse binding that would work on all windows. For example I set up a binding for SUPER + mouse wheel up ... and SUPER + mouse wheel down ... that changed window transparency. I now have the same setup, but it ONLY works when I'm pointing at the window's title bar. When I'm pointing at window contents, the binding doesn't work.

dkasak created this task.Nov 17 2016, 3:18 AM
zmike triaged this task as Pending on user input priority.Nov 18 2016, 8:02 AM

This seems to work fine here. What version are you using?

could you try two overlapping windows and see if the transparency of the one you don't point at gets lowered as if the window on top of it doesn't exist? also please try fullscreen with two overlapping windows.

could you also try if T4890 applies to you?

Ah sorry for the delay :/

I tried the 2 overlapping windows - I used chromium and an E config dialog. No, the transparency of the window underneath doesn't get altered instead.

Also tried making chromium fullscreen - neither window affected in this case either.

I have noticed this bug doesn't seem to affect E dialogs ( ie I can use keybindings on them while pointing in any of the window content ), but this bug does affect terminology.

Lastly, I've tried T4890, and I can't reproduce this.

I've just tested under wayland, where I can NOT reproduce this bug. So it only appears to affect E running under X. I've also tried under X with software and opengl compositing - and can reproduce either way.

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