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Scrollbar arrows are not updated when the scroller size has changed. + thumb scroll conflict?
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Launch elementary test "Scroller 3".

  1. Add Some items until the scrollbar is displayed. you can see the up arrow does not become grey.

Move the scrollbar a bit and it becomes grey.

  1. when you move the scrollbar up, the scroller contents are scrolled downed (but the scrollbar is at the top). I guess there is conflict with thumb scroll here.
  1. on 1.18.2, setting the gravity to 1 does not seem to work, but it works on git.
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This revision is required to have at least the scrollbar visible.

  1. this seems fixed
  2. Yes, but i can see that _elm_direction_arrows_eval is called correctly, i can also see the call to edje_object_signal_emit, it seems to me that edje is eating that signal somehow ?
  3. this is after git so i think we are fine ?

in regards of 2) -> oh, the theme is not handing the signals that are coming from efl, but rather does some of its own magic ? Maybe i can find some madness there...