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entry: cursor wasn't next to the mapped elm.text
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I expected the cusor would be next to the mapped elm.text, but it didn't.
I guess that map was applied to elm.text properly, but cursor didn't know whether map was applied to elm.text or not.
Therfore, the cursor was located wrong

The related edc code is as below:

part { name: "elm.text"; type: TEXTBLOCK;
   scale: 1;
   entry_mode: EDITABLE;
   select_mode: DEFAULT;
   cursor_mode: BEFORE;
   multiline: 1;
   source4: "elm/entry/cursor/default"; // cursorover
   description { state: "default" 0.0;
      fixed: 0 0;
      rel1.offset: 2 2;
      rel2.offset: -3 -3;
      text { style: "entry_style";
         min: 0 1;
         align: 0.0 0.0;
      map {
         on: 1;
         perspective_on: 1;
         perspective: "base_ref";

I have attatched similar sample code for reproducing this problem.

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It seems the cursor is another object in the edje smart object, but the map is applied to the internal object (here the textblock object) rather than the edje object (smart obj).
@herdsman @tasn ideas?

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