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Inability to edit Forecast Module Settings entry
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On e21.5 with efl 18.4 I can not edit the forecast code entry to change it. I asked in IRC channel yesterday about this but no response in the time I had available. Latter I grepped e21 module code looking for e_widget_entry_add . This lead to an easy fix, change line 112 of forecast/src/e_mod_config.c

ob = e_widget_entry_add(evas, &cfdata->code, NULL, NULL, NULL);


ob = e_widget_entry_add(cfd->dia->win, &cfdata->code, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Essentially the same fix as in e_entry -> elm_entry conversion .

Other modules may also be effected, I only looked at forecast.

rbtylee created this task.Jan 14 2017, 4:59 AM
ProhtMeyhet triaged this task as Pending on user input priority.Nov 7 2018, 4:06 AM
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@maxerba any thoughts here? is the module still developed?