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content of scroller never get click event in some case
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In case that scroller have a page size on thumbscroll mode,
scroll_to_aixs animatior is created once user release mouse to get to the current page.

Animator will be re-created if user click continuesly fast enough multiple times when the animator is running.
It makes content unclickable.

If you want to test, follow below steps.

  1. build/run attached sample program on mobile profile.
  2. click any buttons continuesly multiple times right after scroll down or up to the other page


akanad created this task.Feb 6 2017, 12:47 AM

mis-created. I am editing this task now.

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Was this fixed? I can't see any real issue with efl 1.19 or master...

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Ho Ho Ho! This issue was fixed by Santa!