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Something is wrong with fixed: 1 1 in edje
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Starting ephoto leads to endless spam of the message:

ERR<28549>:edje lib/edje/edje_util.c:3968 _edje_object_size_min_restricted_calc() file /usr/local-efl/share/elementary/themes/default.edj, group elm/button/base/default has a non-fixed part 'elm.swallow.content'. Adding 'fixed: 1 1;' to source EDC may help. Continuing discarding faulty part.

The same for elementary_test with

ERR<24137>:edje lib/edje/edje_util.c:3968 _edje_object_size_min_restricted_calc() file /usr/local-efl/share/elementary/themes/default.edj, group elm/toolbar/item/default has a non-fixed part 'elm.swallow.icon'. Adding 'fixed: 1 1;' to sou
ce EDC may help. Continuing discarding faulty part.

I added both times fixed: 1 1 to the groups, when doing that edje goes crazy and completly misscalculates the layout. After adding the fixed to the icon content part the toolbar icons are looking like that:

I dont know what exactly is wrong here ... but either way the error message should stop or fixed: 1 1 should work and not destroy the layout...

Any news about this issue?

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@bu5hm4n what's even happening here

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Ho Ho Ho! This issue was fixed by Santa!