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Window position not remebered
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In my old laptop, some months ago, I tried starting with a clean config removing ~/.e to make start the wizard. Before that I had some windows set to remember desktop and position, all was fine. Well, with the new config I set them the same way but only desktop was actually remembered, position was not so windows did appear elsewhere. Anyway, since I had to buy a new laptop I lived with it.
Now I finally bought the new laptop, installed and configured enlightenment from git, set it up as I need including remembered windows settings, and guess what? Windows are placed where E wants, not where they was in the previous session. E remembers in what virtual desktop they were but doesn't rememer the exact position where they were.

maxerba created this task.Mar 25 2017, 12:14 AM
zmike triaged this task as Pending on user input priority.Aug 15 2017, 1:08 PM

This seems fine? If it's still an issue can you provide a more specific example?

Yes, it's still an issue as I've just wiped out all window remembers to try, logged out, logged in and restored settings as I like but position is still not remembered.

A specific example is thunderbird. It is launched at every startup and I want it to be on desktop 1 (the second in a row of four desktops), position 394-0 and size 972x700. I go to window->remember, thick name class and role on the first tab, thick position dimension and virtual desktop on the second tab, at next login thunderbird will be in the correct virtual desktop but at 0-0 instead of 394-0. The same thing happens with the telegram-desktop app.

zmike added a comment.Aug 16 2017, 7:39 AM

Does this happen with all apps? And does it only happen with apps which are remembered on the non-current desktop?

I'll try some other apps. What do you mean as "non-current desktop"? Every desktop which is not 0? Or what else?

If you are on desktop 0, desktop 0 is the "current" desktop.

Ok, I've never thought the problem could be that because they were all apps started at login and all at desktops different than 0, which of course is the current desktop at startup.
Now I've tried remembering gedit on desktop 0 (position, size and desktop) and libreoffice on desktop 4 (position, size and desktop) , and see that both apps are placed in the right position only if I'm on the desktop where they are started. So the answer is definitely: it happens with all apps but only if they are remembered on the non-current desktop.

zmike added a comment.Aug 17 2017, 8:44 AM

Okay thanks.

I can confirm that it works now, thanks :)