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Provide a fully asynchronous API for setting file on Eo object
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The goal is to provide an API that allow for getting any URI progressively loaded without blocking the main loop in any efl object that allow file. The core API would be the ability to set an Efl.Io object. For convenience and lack of time, if the object doesn't implement itself an Efl.Io set function, the mixin that provide this interface will automatically call the mmap_set API that set an Eina_File.

An helper function, uri_set should be able to resolve for convenience any URI for the user and generate an Efl.Io set call. This could work by relying on a URI class resolver registered on the main loop (You could find it with efl_provider_find) that would return an Efl.Io object and set it.

All this API should return a future to some kind of useful object.

Ideally this API should allow to get rid of the vpath interface. There is also no need to support legacy here.

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