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EDC performance tool
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This tool is to analise EDC part operation performance.

In EFL app there are different edje parts for UI representation.
these edge parts are manipulated by a number of edje apis/function/subroutines.
If this information can be includes in clouseau tool, like:
which function/routines are called over these edje parts from load to render.
How much did these function/routines take.

This is kind of time profiling of different routines/sub routines and attaching them with objects over which those routines were called.

Using such information we can avoid unnecessary call over a object.
guide me if I am thinking wrong.

This is an interesting idea. I am not sure that clouseau alone could be up for this task. Maybe with eina_evlog with some trace point in edje. @JackDanielZ do you have some idea ?

Actually what you want, more than the function/routine, is the rendering cost associated with each part.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply, I was in vacation.

Clouseau doesnt seem to be the right tool to do that. As Cedric suggested, evlog is more adapted to this kind of debugging.
I plan to redesign all the evlog stuff, as it is not easily scalable and could be integrated into the coming Eina_Debug layer.

@JackDanielZ : Do you mean use of EINA_LOG_DOM_* ?


I don't mean EINA_LOG stuff but evlog, that is a way to bufferize events (CPU, render...) and send them via Eina Debug infras to a tool for visualization.

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