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font size does not work in split screens
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Using Terminology 1.0.0

When I split a screen horizontally (ctrl-shift-pgdown) and I want to change the font size with a keystroke (I use shift=numpad- but others are affected) it only changes the left side. I mouse over to the right, change the focus, whatever, it doesn't matter. All of the font size changes occur on the original side.

This is the same for vertical splits.

tpham3783 claimed this task.May 1 2017, 2:26 PM
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I believe this is the same as bug T5012, ref.

Not at all related to T5012. As I read that one, it is complaining that the shortcuts don't work at all on the current window. In my case I get the size change in any window, but not in split screens.

It may be significant to note that I run it in daemon mode ("multiple instances, one process"). That might be why I don't see the behavior in that other ticket.