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eina debug infra tracking ticket
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I tried to use this today since it looked like logging was in place for evas render, and these are the issues that I encountered:


  • does not create socket directory
  • socket creation/connection fails even after creating directory

API (eina evlog)

  • no docs
  • no tests
  • no examples

In short, this did not work for me.

zmike created this task.May 2 2017, 7:34 AM

run efl_debugd .... it creates and listens on a socket. all efl apps try and connect. efl_debug connects to it as a client. efl_debug -h -> help.

tests for evlog -> hard to do s there are no fetchable results. it requires you have a debug envrionment set up (running debugd etc.).

not sure about no docs. eina_evlog() is pretty well documented. did you see the doxygen docs for it right next to it in the header? examples - all through evas render for example and ecore. grep for evlog. between those and he actual docs... adding evlog support to code should be easy.

the actual cmdline tools though are more mysterious (as above) as we've been talking about changing this around and improving it. but the api's are documented. you only need one of them ever (eina_evlog() as he rest are for the implementation of the efl debug tools).

Hi Mike,

I am rewriting all the Eina Debug Infras layer so be patient :-)

  • Socket: as Raster said, only the daemon creates the socket
  • Tests: for evlog and other real stuff, it is hard as you need a master to request and check. The only thing that can be checked is the comm. channel between the master and the daemon. The master client generates patterns and sends them to the daemon that sends them back to the master that validates.
  • Docs: I am currently writing a wiki that will be soon ready... hopefully
  • Examples: wiki/code

Hope to update you soon

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