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DND borkathon
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As the title suggests. Doesn't work on Verne at all at the moment.

Also remove the Drop here to move here popup and in the case the file is released on the same folder don't rename it and do nothing.

ApB created this task.May 5 2017, 1:01 AM

Okay this is not working like this at all.

With commit 819c14c86ff drags are aborting when you move more than your fingersize, this is behaviour that might be usefull for a touch-screen device, But for the case that you are using a mouse its not working at all. The normal mouse dnd gesture is just click and drag, not waiting unitl things start.
I am not too sure what i should do here, i played arround now with the time that is passed in with elm_drag_item_container_add. But thats not usefull at all.
If i make the time too small it just starts a drag on every single selection of the item.
If the time is too big i have to wait again for the drag to start. I really dont know what we should do here ...

@JackDanielZ any ideas ?

There is one thing left on wayland x11 should be fine again.

bu5hm4n moved this task from Backlog to Worked on on the Verne board.May 5 2017, 1:38 PM

Hi Marcel,

Sorry for the delay, didn't have time (kids, wife, weekend...).
I think your patch to dissociate the devices is the easiest way, as two behaviors are expected here, depending on the device.

So kudos!!!
Btw, I don't deal so much with DnD these times, so feel free to change stuff if you think it is wrong :-)

Okay - cool :) THank you!