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Issue centering dialog windows
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Working on pinentry, gpg passphrase dialog and other, I am having issues with it centering properly. At first it was not centering on all screens. It would be centered on the top left corner, which offsets the window to the bottom right vs being dead center of screen.

Changing order of call to elm_win_center on 1 of 4 screens did center the dialog/window. On the 2nd 0:1 display of a dual display system. On 0:0 it is offset. On my laptop using 1 display at a time. It is offset on both external and internal. Even if I unplug the 2nd display and use just the internal. It still does not center on my laptop. The main code is basic

  win = elm_win_util_dialog_add(NULL,"pinentry","enter pin");

Full code can be seen in in the repo on github

wltjr created this task.May 11 2017, 6:28 PM
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Not sure if this is something fixed in EFL or not.

From IRC 05-12-2017
06:21 <@raster> wltjr: fixed the centering before show

Looks like its related to this commit/fix

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