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terminology not launching shell
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Hi, I updated to the latest git for EFL E and Terminology this morning and now I can't seem to do anything useful in terminology. The window launches, I can configure the views and themes but no useful shell interaction occurs. I've attached a snapshot showing the state of the view.

Let me know if I can try anything in the meanwhile.

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Could be a regression in EFL.
How often do you update EFL/E/Terminology?

Could also be a system change. Did you update anything else at the same time ? I am asking as I have obviously just updated all my distribution, efl and terminology and don't have the issue here. Not trying to point you in another direction than a bug in EFL, but maybe an interaction between your system and efl could be the cause.

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It had been a few months since the update. System update was a few days ago, still could launch new terminologies until I recompiled efl + terminology.

I just did another git pull which seemed somewhat busy, recompiled and it works now.


de3890d..fd4ef6e  master     -> origin/master

Updating de3890d..fd4ef6e

Looking back at efl which I didn't recompile:
~/src/efl$ git branch -v

  • master 937a0d6411 Ecore_Evas win32 module: fix memory leak

Probably not worth much more time since it's working again, thanks.