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Lack of G_IO_ERR condition for network sockets in glib integration
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Glib integration with using of select() syscall doesn't properly propagates G_IO_ERR condition for network sockets. Problem relies in _ecore_glib_context_poll_to() where rewriting filedescriptor events to GPollFD structures reside. Invalid code:

if (FD_ISSET(itr->fd, efds) && (itr->events & (G_IO_HUP | G_IO_ERR)))
     itr->revents |= G_IO_ERR;

Problem relies in efds are exception filedescriptors, what really means they are set for out-of-band data (urgent data for example). This code likely should set itr->revents |= G_IO_PRI.

More problematic is G_IO_ERR condition. Detection can be done when write condition (G_IO_OUT) occurs. Proposed patch is in the attachement (+test code).

There's define ECORELOOP on test code beginning. If not defined glib loop is used otherwise ecore loop. Run the program:
./test 12345
Assuming that port 12345 is not opened RST segment will be sent. This should immediately finish with G_IO_ERR, but for ecore loop it finishes with G_IO_OUT what is wrong.

Problem with this patch is that for all filedescriptors stat() is and if fd is socket getpeername() syscall are called. This can slightly increase load(), I didn't performed such tests.

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Thank you for the patch!

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raster can probably provide better feedback on this

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well the plus - it's only on the glib integration path... so it only affects glib things. :)