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Integration with clouseau.
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Hi Mykyta,

The Profiling Viewer can be attached to #clouseau as an extension. You just need to compile a library and implement there at least three functions that Clouseau needs when loading it.
You can check at the code in Clouseau the evlog extension (src/lib/extensions/evlog). It is based on the app of Carsten (less pretty than yours :-)). It is not mandatory to import your code inside Clouseau, as the extension can be loaded from wherever you want.

Don't hesitate to contact me


NikaWhite edited projects, added Profiling Viewer (1.0.2); removed Profiling Viewer.
NikaWhite triaged this task as High priority.

The basic code for EFL Profiling Viewer extension will be shared soon.

NikaWhite closed this task as Resolved.Jul 28 2018, 9:17 AM