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Tycat over SSH
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I don't know the inner working of tycat, but I wonder if it would be possible to use it over SSH, like imgcat is doing for iterm2.
Typically, I want to ssh to a linux or mac computer, type "tycat myFile" and have that file displayed as if it was local. I don't or can't install Terminology on these computer that don't have a X server running.

For iterm2, imgcat is a (basic with no dependency) application that you install on the remote server and it converts the given file to a base64 (or base85) encoded stream with some special iTerm2 compatible terminal escape code. The iTerm terminal then does the magic of inserting the picture/video/whatever in the terminal as if it was local. I understand it's not terribly efficient in terms of bandwidth (since base64 take 33% more bandwidth, base85 20-25% more), but it works flawlessly.

I wonder if this is possible with Terminology and a "lite-tycat" or if the idea beneath is not the same and that's not possible at all remotely.