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ecore_wayland: check ECORE_WL_EVENT_GLOBAL_ADD/REMOVED, ECORE_WL_EVENT_KEYMAP_UPDATE events in wayland 2
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need to add below event.

I heared that already there are simiral events in wayland 2.
would you tell me what 's that?

if devilhorn needs the history, share the history with us.

jypark created this task.Jul 25 2017, 12:31 AM
jypark triaged this task as Normal priority.

@jypark Since EFL 1.17 there has been an event in Ecore_Wl2 that will get raised when a Global is Added or Removed. You can setup an event handler and listen for those events. The code which raises the Global Add event is here:

And the code which raises the Global Removed event is here:

There is currently no event (yet) for the Keymap Update. I will add that soon for you.

@jypark I took a look at the Keymap Update stuff, and it is already included in Ecore_Wl2. The event to listen for is: