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Cover one of Eflete 2.0 tests
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  1. Choose one of test cases from Eflete 2.0
  2. Record scenario
  3. Reproduce
  4. Compare screenshots script
NikaWhite moved this task from Backlog to Doing on the Automatization Toolkit (0.1) board.
FurryMyad added a subscriber: FurryMyad.EditedAug 1 2017, 4:43 AM

So far I got some pixel difference (I am on EFL 1.19.1)

Also there are few things about object names, while in script you have "Efl.Ui.Win[0]" and "Efl.Ui.Button[1]"
on my efl version it is "Efl.Ui.Win.Standard[0]" and "Elm.Button[1]"

Since in this case it doesnt find any object and immediately SIGSEGV (when eautopy.object_by_identity_get with unexisted object)
or/and toss some information on a client side like

preload.c:363 _mouse_move_cb() Received event couldn't be replayed without window [Efl.Ui.Win.Stan

when any other of API (that deal with string *key of object and that key is incorrect and not existing) is used as well

So, is it possible to put required efl version somewhere into README or anywhere for efl-automation-toolkit? And add note that different efl version might not work since there might be different names of widgets. I mean as for now.

That's simply this