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Implement support nested object_by_identity_get
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API for libeauto.

Discussion T5710.

In T5710#93317, @an.kroitor wrote:
We need a way to store intermediate found objects to check or reuse them.
So instead of
btn0 = eautopy.object_by_identity_get("Efl.Ui.Win[0]:Elm.Box[0]:Efl.Ui.Button[1]")
we could use something like this:
win = eautopy.object_by_identity_get("Efl.Ui.Win[0]")
if (!win) die()
box = win.object_by_identity_get("Elm.Box[0]")
if (!box) die()
btn = box.object_by_identity_get("Efl.Ui.Button[1]")
if (!btn) die()
btn.mouse_down(0.1, 0.5)

Please contact with @an.kroitor in case if any question will appear.

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