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Introducing EFL for new contributors
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The goal of this document would be to introduce EFL to new contributors. It might be best to include some history and point to the other introduction as a first document. The idea is to give a general overview of where things are and why, with an light idea of where they are going. This document should emphasys that EFL is not limited to Linux nor the desktop and that the EFL stack has been build with portability and scalability in mind from the beginning. It is important that people are aware that other operating system and more constrained device (by input or power) do put constraint on the toolkit design.

zmike added a project: efl.Aug 22 2017, 3:42 PM

I think that does handle this ticket and is done, no @ghalfacree ?

@cedric: /contrib/devs/ doesn't cover any of the points in the ticket (history, "point to the other introduction", general overview, light idea of where they are going, emphasise it's not limited to Linux nor the desktop, EFL stack has been built with portability and scalability in mind) - it's literally just a guide on how to contribute code.

If that's enough, then yes - but this ticket seems to be more about an introduction to EFL in general, which /contrib/devs/ isn't (but /about-efl is).

cedric added a comment.Dec 1 2017, 6:36 AM

Yes, I agree. It would be great if you could add some of this into that page, but I might be ok with cutting it here. Let's discuss that during the meeting. lowered the priority of this task from Wishlist to Pending on user input.Jan 4 2018, 7:22 AM added a subscriber:

This was not discussed or the conclusion not registered

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