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Terminology regressions with GL rendering
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I used to be able to run terminology using GL rendering ( I used elementary_config to chose "OpenGL / OpenGL-ES" rendering ). A couple of months ago now, terminology regressed to showing a 100% transparent window when using GL rendering. When I switch back to "No Acceleration" it renders correctly. If I disable transparency in terminology, and then re-enable GL rendering, it *looks* like it's rendering OK, but when I resize the terminology window, only the original window area is properly rendered.

I'm using an Intel ( Skylake ) GPU, currently on Mesa 17.2.0-devel, but also tested with various versions of 17.1.x.

dkasak created this task.Aug 14 2017, 6:25 PM
dkasak closed this task as Invalid.Aug 17 2017, 8:34 PM

<sigh> ... so this actually started working again for me, yesterday. Closing ...