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E - Wayland mode - internal windows stop rendering
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Open any internal window (efm, settings window, etc.) and it displays then stops updating after about a second or less. I've seen this on rpi, nouveau and intel drivers. it's pretty universal.

raster created this task.Sep 21 2017, 3:57 PM
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Regression since EFL 1.20.

I have this fixed, but the server is down so I can't push. great. will try again in a bit.

k, server wasn't down. there was a local network configuration issue. This should now be fully resolved.

Should I see this resolved when building latest Git ? I'm still getting frozen selection in the E file manager. I can't select any file names.

Latest E git should have this resolved, and I'm unable to cause a render freeze anymore. Maybe a screenshot of a frozen state will help...

The fix went into the E repository, not EFL - have you rebuilt enlightenment?

This bug should only affect our wayland compositor, you are running that? (I ask because it's a pretty non-standard configuration...)

OK thanks. I did build E as well. But I'll double check my procedures again to make sure and try again.