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EFL - Efl_Ui issues with menu focus and object data
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Run elementary_test Menu... click to open the menu... highlight the second item:
ERR<3186>:elementary lib/elementary/efl_ui_focus_manager_calc.c:153 node_get() Focusable 0x800000916e0d7c0d (Elm.Box) not registered in manager 0x80000001ae0d545f
This happens for every sub menu item there is. I also see it in other applications that use menus.

Also, E photo gets crashes now in items that use elm_object_item_data -- Nothing in E photo has changed in that regards, so I'm assuming it is an EFL regression. Fire up E photo -- click an image in the thumb browser and hit F2:
ERR<3186>:eo lib/eo/eo.c:645 _efl_object_call_resolve() in lib/eo/eo_base_class.c:307: func 'efl_key_data_get': obj_id=0x1c90750 is an invalid ref.
This happens when running elm_object_item_data_get on genlist items.

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The first part is fixed.

And the second part was me being a complete idiot.

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