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Figure out how to extract Doxygen documentation and integrate it into our docuwiki
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As described in T5832 it would be nice to have a way to integrate in a better way our doxygen documentation (Which cover non eo libraries like eina, eet and emile, but also some of eo and non object part of higher up libraries) and integrate it inside our docuwiki. The most meaningful way seems to be by using the XML output of doxygen, parsing it, generating markdown and pushing it in docuwiki.

q66 added a comment.Oct 27 2017, 1:44 PM

We'll definitely need this, but I'm not sure whether processing some sort of XML from Doxygen is the best way to go at it... since this is just C we're dealing with, it's fairly simple as far as the language in headers goes; perhaps we could parse it manually (it shouldn't really be a big deal) which would allow for simpler integration into dokuwiki (doxygen carries a lot of clutter we'd have to strip off into the result). But I will need to investigate this to be able to tell for sure.

It would be quicker to include it through an iframe with a minimal HTML theme from doxygen - we could update the style to reference our website stylesheets so it looks consistent.

A little JS in the including page would ensure that we always wrap the page content rather than scrolling.

q66 added a comment.Nov 1 2017, 3:57 AM

Since I won't have time for the proper solution in near future (because of other work elsewhere) I'll let proceed with his workaround for the time being. A real solution will be implemented later as time allows, but not bound by this project.

OK, the priority of this has significantly lowered now that the content is at least presented in our main structure.

Would people be in favour of somehow moving this ticket out of the way - perhaps reparenting it somewhere else as I think this is "good enough" for a while...

q66 added a comment.Nov 2 2017, 3:52 AM

I'd unlink it from T5826 but leave it open...

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