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Reduce/improve eina_log output
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Since day 1 running enlightenement, ~April 2017. Anytime I am running stuff in a terminal or worse doing development. I constantly get useless output that is not useful or beneficial in any way. It just creates more noise and stuff to filter through. I have yet to be able to use it to find any real information or issues. See the following output from entrance log.

Most of the output translates to

/usr/lib64/ | ??/??: 0 @ _eina_semaphore_free()
/usr/lib64/ | ??/??: 0 @ eina_log_print_cb_stdout()
/usr/lib64/ | ??/??: 0 @ eina_log_print()
 /usr/sbin/entrance     |   /  : 0 @ ()
/usr/lib64/| ??/??: 0 @ ecore_event_add()
/usr/lib64/| ??/??: 0 @ ecore_main_fd_handler_add()
/usr/lib64/| ??/??: 0 @ ecore_main_loop_begin()
 /usr/sbin/entrance     |   /  : 0 @ ()
    /lib64/    | ??/??: 0 @ __libc_start_main()
 /usr/sbin/entrance     |   /  : 0 @ ()

It basically has become so useless I almost never copy and paste the output. I am now looking into stopping it entirely via EINA_LOG and maybe EINA_LOG_LEVEL. I have to look into that, but something seems off and less than ideal. By default it should not be spitting stuff out. When I encounter real issues, crashes etc. It really munges the output, as the copy/paste bit is wrapped around the crash output.

This may be a result of setting


Either way if possible should be reviewed and improved. Most of the time the output is the exact same as above and not sure what that is saying. Nothing useful it seems. I see little to no difference when I build entrance with debugging symbols. I have tried to build EFL with debugging symbols but it causes major problems. Makes many EFL apps and E itself non-functional. I had lots of errors about locks, and many things stopped working and generated a lock related error. But that is another issue.

wltjr created this task.Oct 3 2017, 8:42 AM
wltjr added a comment.EditedOct 3 2017, 5:08 PM

FYI has nothing to do with this bug, but in that entrance output. I determined my issue with that system and dual monitors was lack of specifying an order. I updated the usage for entrance according to such. I had that on one system. On my dual display desktop I never had to set an order. It is likely in part entrance code. Though it seemed to cause major issue for edje, which is what caused other problems in entrance.

Thus that maybe another bug in EFL on how it handles multiple displays in X. I am not sure if when ever Wayland supports multiple display if that will have the same issues. I assume it may as it seems to come from edje not just X. Though ordering in X seems to correct it for edje.

I say edje as parts of the UI would show, but not the part that is rendered via edje, objects/widgets. Only the background shows the rest fails. I can open a new ticket about that. Easy to trigger, just run entrance with more than one display without an order, no position/leftof/rightof.