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e 22 beta E restart/refresh desktop/efm on unknown file type
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I have a rpm on my desktop, older sources for a past version of entrance, moot. When I click on the RPM, it seems to restart E or refresh the desktop or efm. The screen blanks, the background shows, and then icons are rendered again. Windows like Terminology and Firefox remain visible thus maybe EFM vs E.

Pretty sure its a bug. I just tried on e 0.21.9 and I got a "Open with" dialog. Not sure if this occurred in alpha, but does in beta. I have not tried latest git.

wltjr created this task.Oct 4 2017, 9:29 AM
wltjr added a comment.Oct 13 2017, 7:37 AM

Also running into this when I go over Development or Graphics in the main menu. It makes the background, and all icons disappear and then come back. Black desktop screen. But windows all remain visible.