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Ecore_Audio.h is using undefined macros
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lines 204 and 210 of Ecore_Audio.h, there is a #if with macro set by efl's configure. This is wrong for a public header and forbid any compilation of programs using ecore_audio

one solution : if there is only 2 cases (wasapi on windows and pulseaudio everywhere else), then a #ifdef _WIN32 / #else / #endif check would be possible
otherwise, doing like elm does is possible too (elm is having, with macro set by configure at the top)

Anyway, wasapi is always usable on Windows, so a #if _WIN32 on this platform is always possible line 210 and I would do that

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For D5029, D5096:

  • Ecore_Audio D5310 fix using undefined macros,
  • Edje_Multisense D5311 fix using undefined macros(ECORE_AUDIO_OUT_RENDER_CLASS/ECORE_AUDIO_OUT_RENDER_EVENT_CONTEXT_FAIL)
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Is this resolved?

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Working now per @vtorri so closing as resolved.