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Create full EFL interfaces example game
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@bryceharrington How is this going? I am looking forward to having some real apps in the examples repo :)

It's going slow. I've gotten the codebase started but am blocked by trying to figure out how to use the Eo API for instantiating a Cairo canvas, of all things. This maze game is essentially going to be a port of an prior (non-EFL) game I had half finished, so once I have a canvas in place I think progress will be faster. I've been trying to get the code pushed to the examples repo, but I still don't seem to have write access so that's been a bit of a blocker, but I can just push to github I suppose; there's been some directory changes to the examples repo, so I need to rebase my current work to account for that first.

This is pretty trivial but at least shows solution to the previously mentioned issues. :-) closed this task as Resolved.Dec 11 2017, 5:59 AM

Marking this as resolved using a simple game at

It would be great to get the bigger, vector etc, game in at some point too, but let's create a separate ticket.