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GLView GL ES 3.X test fails on Fedora 26
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Running the "elementary_test" binary, then choosing the GLView GL ES 3.X test fails on Fedora 26. Lots of debugging data here:

ERR<27638>:evas-gl_generic modules/evas/engines/gl_generic/evas_engine.c:1650 eng_gl_api_get() Version not supported!
ERR<27638>:EvasGL modules/evas/engines/gl_common/evas_gl_core.c:2567 evgl_make_current() Unable to get the list of GL APIs for version 3

Reproduced on a Fedora 26 x86_64 instance without any NVIDIA driver fun.

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I think this is simply because the wayland egl engine doesn't support glesv3 yet. Looks like too much change required to do this during a freeze, so will have to wait for now.

Oh, also, if you can change the perms on that redhat bugzilla ticket so it's publicly visible, that would be helpful. Thanks!

Wow! Those backtraces aren't something I ever expected to see. I can't reproduce any of that with current efl, but instead get similar ERR messages to what's been reported here.

Thanks for updating the perms on the ticket.

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