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elm_code severe lag when selecting text in some files
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I noticed severe lag when selecting text first in ecrire. Which I was then able to replicate in edi. When selecting text in the following document F2779239 only 228K. Not a large file. Just save that and/or open it with ecire and/or edi.

edi /tmp/entrance_session.log

This is not the case in other stuff, and selecting follows the cursor without lag. Just like when selecting text in any EFL application or E.

wltjr created this task.Oct 13 2017, 12:03 PM
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Should be orders of magnitude faster now, however, this mere 228k file is actually a pathologically nasty test case as it has 3 lines that are over 33000 chars long (check it with wc -L)

Not sure elm_code was intended to handle that efficiently...