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Cannot find description "visible" in part "base" from group "elm/hover/base/main_menu_submenu/default"
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Doing some work on ecrire, I am getting the following error. Not sure if its something off in the code in ecrire. Seems pretty straight forward. I think the solution is to call elm_shutdown before ecrire_cfg_shutdown. Not sure this was a problem in past EFL or if this is a new issue. Seems like a new error. Maybe due to other changes I have made, empty box, etc.

The source of the error

main.c: 859:    ecrire_cfg_shutdown();

Function guts

   if (config_file)




ERR<10825>:elementary lib/elementary/efl_ui_focus_manager.c:153 node_get() Focusable 0x800000055bf7f1df (Elm.Box) not registered in manager 0x800000015bf7f15f
## Copy & Paste the below (until EOF) into a terminal, then hit Enter

eina_btlog << EOF
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0efe3389 0x7f1c0efbb000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0efe415f 0x7f1c0efbb000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0efe55ff 0x7f1c0efbb000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ecd2b51 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ecd491b 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ecd12ef 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec8a4af 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec93e9d 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec98fef 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec9ac14 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/   0x7f1c0a0b4ac9 0x7f1c0a093000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ebbfa93 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/   0x7f1c0a0b4ac9 0x7f1c0a093000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec1a6f2 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec1b1b2 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/    0x7f1c0ec1bc44 0x7f1c0ea1b000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0e7bc767 0x7f1c0e713000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0e7c414c 0x7f1c0e713000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0e7be2de 0x7f1c0e713000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f1c0e7be496 0x7f1c0e713000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f1c0e4cdaab 0x7f1c0e4b3000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f1c0e4c9093 0x7f1c0e4b3000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f1c0e4d0de5 0x7f1c0e4b3000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f1c0e4d1287 0x7f1c0e4b3000
/projects/ecrire/build/src/bin/ecrire    0xdcc0d8cb82 0xdcc0d85000
/lib64/         0x7f1c0d42b551 0x7f1c0d40b000
/projects/ecrire/build/src/bin/ecrire    0xdcc0d8a20a 0xdcc0d85000
wltjr created this task.Oct 16 2017, 8:47 AM
wltjr added a comment.Oct 16 2017, 8:49 AM

Actually not a shutdown issue and is very strange. For some reason that is being triggered at other times. Like when interacting with the main menu. Which I recently added to ecrire so this could be a main menu specific bug. It may also be theme related as I do get another.

This I know I need to fix in the theme. This maybe the cause of the other not sure.

ERR<11520>:edje lib/edje/edje_calc.c:756 _edje_part_description_apply() Cannot find description "visible" in part "base" from group "elm/hover/base/main_menu_submenu/default". Fallback to default description.
## Copy & Paste the below (until EOF) into a terminal, then hit Enter

eina_btlog << EOF
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954f4e3389 0x7f954f4bb000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954f4e415f 0x7f954f4bb000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954f4e55ff 0x7f954f4bb000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954ec46594 0x7f954ec13000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954ecc2caa 0x7f954ec13000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954ecc4108 0x7f954ec13000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954ecbe2de 0x7f954ec13000
/usr/lib64/  0x7f954ecbe496 0x7f954ec13000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f954e9cdaab 0x7f954e9b3000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f954e9c9093 0x7f954e9b3000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f954e9d0de5 0x7f954e9b3000
/usr/lib64/         0x7f954e9d1287 0x7f954e9b3000
/projects/ecrire/build/src/bin/ecrire    0x7be524fb82 0x7be5248000
/lib64/         0x7f954d92b551 0x7f954d90b000
/projects/ecrire/build/src/bin/ecrire    0x7be524d20a 0x7be5248000

Looking at the default theme, there is no "visible" description in part "base" in group "elm/hover/base/main_menu_submenu/default".

Seems like a EFL bug.

wltjr renamed this task from efl_ui_focus_manager.c:153 node_get() Focusable Elm.Box) not registered in manager to Cannot find description "visible" in part "base" from group "elm/hover/base/main_menu_submenu/default".Oct 16 2017, 10:03 AM
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