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elm_code does not scroll on select of long lines
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In anything using elm_code, if you have a long line that causes a scrollbar. Selecting text on that line, does not cause it to scroll so you can select non-visible text. You must scroll to make all text visible before select. If the screen is not wide enough it does not scroll to allow you to select more.

Steps to replicate

  1. Open anything using elm_code, ecrire, edi, elm tests, etc.
  2. Type in a long line such that the screen scrolls as you type
  3. Move the scroll bar back to the start of the line
  4. Try to select text from the start to the end of the line, not visible without scroll

Then you will see you cannot scroll as the cursor reaches the last bit of visible text. It should scroll to allow you to select more.

wltjr created this task.Oct 16 2017, 10:28 AM updated the task description. (Show Details)Oct 16 2017, 10:34 AM

You should spend more time coding and less time worry about the words others use seriously! The text you removed does not stand for what you ASSUMED it does... Stop trying to control others!

If you want to avoid being mistaken for an abrasive pain then why not use words that are intended to communicate clearly rather than get peoples back up?
It is with a heavy amount of irony that you tell me not to take words so seriously after the lengthy final mailing list post you sent before leaving our community.

This is a valid bug report which I agree with but I don't think that people working on this project should have to put up with your abusive communication approach. triaged this task as Pending on user input priority.Oct 17 2017, 4:21 AM

Additional info on this bug - I think it does scroll left or up - but does not scroll right or down. Do you agree?
If so this is due to some internal handling of cursors in selection code that it should be not too hard to address...

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 7:27 AM

SOL is a common acronym. You need to understand people communicate differently. You need to stop trying to correct others. It is NOT your place. Who do you think you are? Do you walk up to people in normal life and make such comments? You also assumed it meant something other than it did. A simple google would show you the MANY polite meanings of SOL. Things can be interpreted a multitude of ways. Stop trying to enforce your personal opinions on others. Do you not have anything better to do with your time or life? Have kids if you want to control how people are, what they say and do. Good luck with that!

Regaring my mailing list posts etc. Given the language another used and the personal insults etc. I am blown away you continue to comment to me on how I interact with others. Yet many have condoned others behavior which was unprofessional and clearly used fowl language.

Scroll up, scroll down, and scroll left all do work.
Scroll right does not work.

All I chose to do was to update the ticket content to be more succinct, less abrasive and less ambiguous.
I would expect that anyone in bug triage would consider doing the same.

One issue OSS projects all seem to face is enticing folk to work on the items documented. The more friendly or clear the required tasks appear the more likely it is that they will be worked on.

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 8:00 AM

You need to stop, Short on Luck, Sorry out of Luck, etc is NOT abrasive. You need to stop preaching to others. Not everyone shares your view or opinion. Thus you should keep it to yourself. You are just creating needless noise. Work the bug, who cares on the text or wording... Seriously!

You should spend more time coding and less time worry about the words others use seriously!

Here's the deal:

If you spend some time worrying about the words you use, we will spend the time working on the report.

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 8:35 AM

Or I can not take my time to report problems and just let others run into them.... Which I am sure when they run into problems. They will take their time to file polite requests and continue using the buggy software. Rather than use something else that works fine....

Given the slew of issues. Clearly not many are using this stuff....Your comments are sound and a great way to encourage more reports and further involvement. I have already chosen to avoid most the community. I guess now I should stop filing bug reports and just let others do that....

Think... Your actions are more harmful than beneficial. How big is this community?

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 8:41 AM

You all need to change how you conduct yourself. Which it is not my place to comment on how you all conduct yourself but since your comment on my conduct. Your pointing fingers so I will point back.

Maybe you can learn from my handling of bug reports.

See me saying on most every one in some form "Thanks for the report"

Maybe you should THANK people for reporting an issue rather than commenting on the style, manner, wording etc. You should appreciate that someone took their time to run your software. Found an issue and took additional time to inform you all. Which rather than be thankful, turn around and start critiquing the reporter. That is really arrogant and pretentious....

Walter what is your ideal solution to this whole communication issue?

Sorry William, my grandfather was called "Walter" which I misread from your name.

In T6221#101997, @wltjr wrote:

You all need to change how you conduct yourself.

I have no interest in fanning the flames here. The bug will remain open as it is a valid point.
The revised wording is stating facts rather than conveying frustration (which I'm aware such bugs can cause).

Thank you for the contribution of bug reports - succinct reports of what is not working are always helpful.
The more facts the better - sadly the more opinions expressed the less likely things are to get resolved.

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 9:20 AM

Worry about the issues not the wording. There is no perfect communication. The focus should be on getting stuff done. Not the process. There is a reason its called work and not play. Not everything is nice or friendly. That is not the point.

Regarding communication, Marry Poppins approach. Spoon full of sugar. Start by being nice and thankful. Ever think you get a response based on how you interact with someone? Maybe a comment such as;

"Thanks for the report can you clarify what you meant by SOL?"

Rather than assuming and removing text etc. Which can be taken as rudely correcting ones comments. Which is how it was received. Thus if you go off being rude to others. You will likely get such response back.

If you would like to see better ways of communication and interacting with others I can show you. Like my previous example on how I would have handed this situation. If I said anything about the use of SOL. Which I would have just ignored or not cared about. Then none of this would be taking place. Food for thought....

I do not seek to create communication issues or any. This was a report to solve an issue. Not create new communication ones.... Focus on tech, not social interaction! Tech projects need not be perfect social ones. The world is not perfect socially. Many will never get along, see thing the same way, share cultures, etc. We are different, accept that, not try to make all one.

Someone maybe polite, another rude. It is moot. Do they both have something technical to contribute? if so that is all that matters. Linus isn't nice or polite, it comes with pros and cons. But his conduct has not prevented Linux from advancing. Because that is ultimately his concern, not if he offends someone else.

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 9:23 AM
This comment was removed by cedric.
cedric added a subscriber: cedric.Oct 17 2017, 9:34 AM

Open source is about social interaction ! There wouldn't be any community by definition if there was no social interaction. Your behavior is not moot . It is a pain to anyone that is forced to interact with you. You are no Linus and even him is not a pain to work with as you are. We don't ask you to be socially perfect, we ask you to behave. Have a minimal level of decent human behavior. If you can't, we don't need your contribution.

In T6221#102013, @wltjr wrote:

There is a reason its called work and not play.

This is not work, this is life.
There is not enough time in life to waste it with badly behaved people either in work or play.

wltjr added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 9:52 AM

@cedric Then I will stop. After all others are catching these issues and reporting them. I will let others file issues and deal with you all....

Open source crosses nations and cultures. Ones that do not get along normally. To think FOSS will solve such problems. Learn to work with those who's style differs from your own. I work with numerous projects. Very few if any have such attitude. Or take the approach going around correcting others.

The irony I have seen. Many who make such comments to others. Lack in person social skills. I bet in a crowd I would be more social than most of you all. This has come up many times in Gentoo. From people commenting on my conduct. Who they consider themselves to be introverts. Despite the fact that I represented Gentoo Officially, manning the Gentoo Linux booth at Linux World expo in San Francisco several years. I grew up attending very large conferences called RBC for Prudential. Regional Business Conference. Those were not as large as Linux World but still very large. I have also worked booths at CES and owned retail stores after managing them.

People that meet me in person have a very different impressive. It also find it interesting that I am being insulted saying I am a pain. I guess that is acceptable to go off insulting others.

@cedric exactly what have we worked on together? What interaction have we had directly? I barely recall any interactions with you much less working. So your comments are based on what work history? What commits have we worked together on? What bugs? What work can be referenced?

This community seems to have serious problems. Which is why it is VERY small. Will it remain such. I think so. Who is looking to do as much EFL dev as I am. New people? Anyone? Yet how am I approached and treated? if I did not have my own interest I would be gone. This is horribly buggy software and rude developers....

You people need to STOP judging others. You alls behavior and conduct is far worse. But you all are in your niche so you just pat each other on the back and reinforce each others opinions. Who is presenting an alternative way of thinking?

This stuff has more bugs than any FOSS software I have used. You all seriously need to think about that. Not to mention how you all conduct yourself.....

You can see my work history here, I interact with numerous upstreams...

Some interactions are even ruder, but look how they end up....

rspiker -> "Be nice or go away"

But then....
"I understand where you're coming from. No hard feelings, and thanks for all the work you put into this!"

rspiker and I had worked together in the past.....

Every FOSS project needs every contribution. Every volunteer project could use every volunteer. It is very arrogant to be selective on who you allow to contribute based on your perception of their conduct. Which in reality maybe very different....

I take great offense to people who likely have less people skills than me trying to judge or correct me. It is not their place. I am not going around commenting on others conduct. They should not be commenting on mine. Focus on the tech and not social.

Any tech project that focuses on social, is plagued with problems. Tech that focus on tech. flourishes...

Steve Jobbs polished rocks. To think there is not chaos at most leading software companies. it is to live in a fantasy world. The best stuff does not come from peace....

Analogy for people doing great things. They will smash into each other, make noise, friction etc... That is where greatness occurs.

@wltjr as you have noticed I have avoided you and your behavior as much as I can, because I dislike a lot interacting the way you are. It is draining. I have no idea how you behave offline (and I don't care), but online interaction with you and just reading it is a problem. If you do not understand what I am talking about, just reread what you just did write.

As for your contribution to this community, the cost of having you in is way higher. And you are not the only one who joined recently. And the example I have in mind have made way more positive and useful contribution than you have.

Oh and regarding different culture in the world and the fact that we have to learn to deal with it. Thanks we are already. Look where the commit to EFL are comming from. Around everywhere on this world and still you are the only one behaving the way you are. I have no idea where you are from and why do you think that being rude, insulting and condescending is going to have a positive outcome in any social interaction, but to be honest with you, you are the first one in 20 years that would justify having a code of conduct being put in place.

@cedric What value are you adding here? Anything technical? You have personally insulted me a few times. I guess that is acceptable professional conduct? Why are you not avoiding me now? Do you not have anything better to do? I surely do....

I am not seeking to join this community. It has serious issues. Why things like Bohdi exist. You all seriously need to stop an self reflect. Who runs EFL? Who runs E? That you joined recently is moot. Who else is joining? Who even wants to?

The amount of stuff missing is tremendous. There is almost like nothing EFL usable....

Compared to something new like Patheon... Look at all their new apps....

I am in the US and I used to live in NorCal around people like you. Maybe you should be looking to help people in Sonoma and Napa counties... Rather than what ever you think you are doing here... It is not shocking to me to see where you are from. That you have jumped into this conversation. Adding nothing of technical value, just creating more social issues. I haven't seen you commented on a single other elm_code related bug. Which I am sure you will try to blame on me. Even ones that are basic technical reports.

@cedric I am not making comments on how you conduct yourself. What gives you the right to comment on how I conduct myself? Not everyone will act as you would like them to. I bet our president does not act how you would want him to. Get over it, that is life....

I am the only one in the world? i guess you have never done any research on anyone in tech. Linus,, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerburg etc. All have had questionable conduct at times. There are countless examples.

Go ahead put in a code of conduct. Destroy your already small niche community further. I watched how it destroyed Gentoo. You should be reducing barriers not creating them.

Any issue with my conduct is a direct result of interaction with people in this community. It is not that way with all, and those I have worked with have a different impression.

Again who runs EFL? Who runs E? Why are more not? Spend some time thinking about that. How will a CoC help with that? Almost all the core apps I am using daily are not EFL, only terminology.... Because there are not such apps.... @cedric what ever you are working on is not visible at the application level.... What apps?

What is Tizens major problem right now? Apps....

@cedric I see you are French so likely an immigrant to the US. That you are French says enough right there.... Now your conduct makes much more sense to me.... Samsung and Tizen is doomed....

@wltjr It seems you are unable to actually even understand anything related to social interaction and are now into political nonsense again. Your inability to even have a discussion without showing an aggressive behavior has been proven again. I see no point into your contribution to phab and you are more draining than anything. Your phab account is now disabled.

zmike closed this task as Invalid.Oct 17 2017, 12:49 PM
zmike changed the edit policy from "All Users" to "Administrators".
zmike added a subscriber: zmike.

The technical issue described in this ticket has been noted, but the ticket content has become unrelated and is now locked.

Unknown Object (User) added a subscriber: Unknown Object (User).Oct 17 2017, 1:01 PM

@cedric Nice you are in a foreign country, likely not even a citizen and failing to understand how to relate to others. I guess silencing someone is your form of free speech etc. Nothing I said was political.... Why you even took part in thus task makes no sense. All you did was make it worse.

Disabling someones account is pointless. Like I cannot create another and there are countless ways.... A game best not to be played.

@cedric Worry not, I will never file another EFL bug. I am questioning if I should continue on, Seems most have walked away, thus all the abandoned projects in Just seems really childish to comment and disable someones account so they cannot respond. I never saw your message because the account was disabled.... Just noticed when I went to comment on another bug.

Absolutely horrible community, and the software is on par. Thus far only zmike is a professional in this community. Everyone else insults people and then has the nerve to comment on their conduct. Which none of this would have taken place had ajwilliams not editted my comment.

I already showed a better way of handling that situation. Which clearly fell on deaf ears or blind eyes.....

Good luck finding the other issues not reported others are not reporting you all are not aware of.... Great quality software and QA!

I will not dignify @wltjr or @temp_account with responding to their messages. What I see exhibited is racism and bigotry and we do not need a code of conduct to know that is unacceptable. I am saddened to see anyone believe that fellow humans should be treated this way.

Thanks @cedric for trying to reason and @zmike for shutting the ticket down.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Oct 17 2017, 2:02 PM

I am half arabic and I date black women mostly and other races. I will go ask my black next door neighbor how racist I am... I frequently help him out, and owes me many favors.... He will laugh... Thanks for more insults.

I have been called;
"An Abrasive pain"
"A pain to work with"
"A racist bigot"

Further insults implied;
"lack of social skills"
"lack a minimal level of decent human behavior"

Yet you all are commenting on me? Where did I insult anyone directly? Quote it and I will show you how it is not an insult but perceived as one. Those above are clear insults that would violate any CoC you all are thinking off....

But I guess CoC does not apply to you all, just others right? Your conduct is becoming and I was the one out of line. I removed anothers comment, and then proceeded to tell others how to conduct themselves.

Do you all not realize commenting on how another conducts themselves is VERY insulting? It is not your place to comment on other adults. Again have kids and see if your kids say everything they way you want them to. Life is not that way. You should lead by example.

If you want to see far worse look at my KDE activity. They never looked to suspend my account etc. I contributed nothing, and my conduct was far worse. Look at how they responded.... It sets the tone and I responded in kind as well. Just like the previous example from github....