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Add missing menu class for Efl_Ui apps
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As there is already an Efl.Ui.Menu I guess this needs to be Efl.Ui.Mainmenu?

I don't know if this is a new class or a refactor of the Elm.Menu renamed this task from Add missing class for Efl_Ui apps to Add missing menu class for Efl_Ui apps.Oct 18 2017, 5:22 AM
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A #Goal ticket should not be set to a milestone.

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I guess that is something we want, not a showstopper for now.

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Don't design the menu from elm menu.... certainly not from theme. Look more at e's menus for inspiration. A menu has to sanely be able to do check and radio items and ALIGN icons, radio/check indicators as well as submenu indicators/arrows.

A shortcoming of e's menu is it isn't built to hold more complex than list content. enough people have mentioned e could do with menus that had more features like windows start menus do like in later windows with multi column content, entry boxes for search, and so on. So when doing a menu don't make the mistakes of elm_menu and at least design with expansion in mind to do multiple columns and other complex content ala the window start menu etc. but at a minimum get check/radio, icons for items and submenu arrows all nicely aligned properly :)