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Extra incorrect frames rendered when changing to fullscreen with egl renderer
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I see this under wayland, and can reproduce it under X as well.

Using the egl renderer when I toggle to fullscreen in terminology with f11, as many as 3 frames are rendered - one that is unchanged from the unfullscreen state, one in which the content is in the top left corner and the rest is dark grey, and finally a correct frame.

I can see this readily under weston and E if I attach a debugger to terminology and break on eglSwapBuffersWithDamageEXT, or under X if I break on eglSwapBuffers. I haven't tried with glx...

It's also easiest if terminology is run -c 0 so the cursor blinking doesn't confound reproduction.

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Happy birthday Cedric!


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There is no Priority "Happy Birthday", so its normal.

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