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evas table does not handle max size hints
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  1. create table
  2. create 3 objects to pack in table (A, B, C)
  3. pack A: 0,0 1x1
  4. pack B: 1, 0 1x2
  5. pack C: 0, 1 2x1
  6. set EXPAND+FILL on A
  7. set min+max hints on B: 0x100
  8. set min+max hints on C: 100x0

now if table is resized to 200x200, A will be sized at 200x200 despite adjacent cells which should restrict the rows+columns such that A can only be 100x100

zmike created this task.Oct 20 2017, 11:52 AM
zmike added a comment.Oct 20 2017, 1:06 PM

On closer inspection this may or may not be accurate...needs more testing

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Ho Ho Ho! This issue was fixed by Santa!