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Improve documentation navigation system
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An important aspect of the Tizen documentation is the navigability, which stands in stark contrast to complaints of the EFL documentation that it's easy to get lost and difficult to find things.

As a result, I'd recommend the following structural changes to the website as part of the documentation overhaul:

  • Add a permanently-present boxout to the top of all documents with the dependencies, contents arranged by headings, and links to related documentation.
  • Add a permanently-present contents list for all documentation to the left-hand side of the documentation site, with collapsible sections.
  • Add 'Prev/Next' links as a footer to all documentation pages.

These would need to be implemented as a change to the documentation platform itself.

I will see how much we can do within dokuwiki closed this task as Resolved.Oct 24 2017, 7:27 AM

if you create a "sidebar" page in any namespace it will now be visible in any sibling or child page of that namespace. I have it set up as a demo on /contrib - works nicely, mostly because it's a built in feature that our template had disabled.

Prev/next is tricky at the bottom of the document as we have not defined the flow through the work so they would need to be added manually.
We could add next/prev in the sidebar more easily - if so can we raise another ticket as I think that "improve navigation" is solved by this one change :)

As for a permanent box at the top with other callouts I think it needs further discussion etc to know the requirements - if we still want to do that we should open another ticket when we know the details.