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Problem in opensuse leap 42.3
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I have installed terminology in opensuse leap 42.3 gnome, but there is something wrong, the mouse click is not working and the default font color is black, the same of the background

Here is the screeshot:

The terminology was installed using the offical repo.

I also tried to install from git, but there is an erro: Library intl found: NO... However, the intl library is installed.

billiob added a subscriber: simotek.Nov 6 2017, 1:40 PM

Can you check to see if the package "enlightenment-theme-openSUSE" is installed, I suspect the dependency got removed at some point. I'll push through a maintenance update if thats the case

I don't know exactly what package was, but Terminology works just after install all Enlightenment environment.

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