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Include eina and eo documentation in new eo based documentation output
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The new eo documentation of interfaces is great and renders well in our wiki - however it does not include much documentation about eina or eo APIs that we also need to have documented in the non-legacy space.

This task exists to mark the brain scratcher of how to we get a consistent view of these different areas.

Seems to me that T6126 is good for the legacy docs - get it better included in the website style and heirarchy etc.
But we also need to extract some specific areas and mix it in with the new docs too... that is what this ticket is

If the embed approach is taken to T6126 in the short term then we need another way of solving this as we won't be able to satisfy the eina_ and eo_ includes in that way.

Indeed if that is the case this ticket probably does not want to be a child of the other any more?

Trying to figure out how to solve this without T6126, which has been deprioritised.

If this is not possible we may need to remove the T5826 parent.

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