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Lock screen KBD layout gadget shows the wrong flag
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As the title suggests. Works most of the time but its still an issue on occasion. You end up not being able to log in because you are using the wrong layout even if the flag shows US.

ApB created this task.Nov 5 2017, 9:09 AM
ApB added a comment.Jul 6 2018, 1:22 AM

To add to the above.

The same happens on the desktop also. You switch to an empty VD and type something to select files on the desktop and it types in ie GR when the flag is US.

Still no idea what triggers it.

ApB added a comment.Sep 23 2018, 1:10 AM

After a shitload of tries i can rep it constantly.

Setup two layouts (Greek US) and make them switch with Alt+Shift (probably will work with other key combinations but that is my setup)
Restart E just in case
Open an app (ie Firefox) > type something in english > switch layout with the keys and type something in Greek.
Switch layouts from the popup of the gadget.
Lock E.
If you have alphanumeric password the letters wont type.
Switch layout with the key > Shows wrong flag but types letters/unlocks.

TL:DR a switch of layout from the gadget doesn't register if you previously changed layout with key bindings.

stephenmhouston triaged this task as Normal priority.

So the gadget doesn't get updated when the language is changed by the keys?

So this is a wayland only issue - which suggests it falls in e_comp_wl_input.c ... Changing the xkb from the gadget menu and then from the keybinding gets the system kbd correct but doesn't update e's kb. To reproduce, on Wayland, Change the keyboard using the keybinding, then change the keyboard using the gadget, then change the keyboard using the keybinding again. The gadget's flag is changed correctly and matches key input in apps such as terminals etc... but if you just type on the desktop to search/etc... e is still using the previous kbd.