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Support hyperlinks
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Implement Hyperlinks (a.k.a. HTML-like anchors) in terminal emulators:

billiob created this task.Nov 6 2017, 2:04 PM
billiob moved this task from Backlog to For 1.7 (or later) on the Terminology board.
egmont reopened this task as Open.Oct 15 2018, 2:12 AM

Thanks a lot, it's great to see this feature slowly gaining some popularity.

Allow me please to reopen for a (hopefully easy) followup fix:

The "id" field should only connect together cells for hover underlining if they also have the same URI. Cells with same id, but different URI shouldn't be highlighted together on mouseover.

Someone else also asked this recently, so I think the doc wasn't quite clear here. I've just added another sentence to the feature's gist page to clarify this.