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Eina Programming Guide Example Requirements
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Per a discussion on IRC, the Eina Programming Guide is being ported across to DokuWiki format and rewritten, but still references legacy APIs and example code from the Nightly Builds.

All code in the Eina Programming Guide must be checked to ensure it is using the current API; additionally, any links to examples stored in the Nightly Builds tree should be retrieved, updated where required, and given a permanent home for linking to from the updated Eina Programming Guide.

The following are entirely undocumented in the present Eina Programming Guide; if documentation is required, example code will need producing for each.

  • Compact List Data Type
  • Sparse Matrix Data Type
  • Red-Black Tree Data Type
  • Tiler Split Data Type
  • Trash Data Type
  • Data Model API Data Type
  • Convert Fast Tool
  • Counter Tool
  • Error Tool
  • File Tool
  • Lazy Allocator Tool
  • Log Tool
  • Magic Tool
  • Module Lists Tool
  • Rectangle Tool