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Update Legacy Links in /contrib/devs Landing Page
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The Ecoding guide has now been integrated into the /contrib/devs landing page:

However, two sections brought over from Phab to DokuWiki still include links to Phab documents. These are the Editors section, which contains information on configuring text editors, and the Contributing New Features or Infrastructure section.

The Editors section would be easily resolved by porting the documents from Phab to DokuWiki.

The Contributing New Features or Infrastructure section, however, is trickier. It links to Phab Wiki pages on Eina, Ecore, Eio, Edja, and Elementary; of these, Ecore and Eio are dead links to blank pages, Edje is a one-paragraph stub last updated 1,452 days ago, Elementary was last updated 1,547 days ago and is filled with broken images, and only Eina has been touched in the last year.

These links should obviously be pointing somewhere else; if no other suitable destination exists, a destination should be created. This ticket aims to track that process.

It is just the editor links that remain. Should we port that over or is it comfortably part of the "developing EFL and E" scope of our phabricator installation? lowered the priority of this task from TODO to Pending on user input.Jan 4 2018, 7:59 AM

Also should be discussed at our next meeting closed this task as Resolved.Jan 5 2018, 3:42 AM

Editors remain in phab for now. All docs in phab that have been replaced should link out to the new website pages.