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Configuration tools to assign one color profil by device
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As far as I know, there is nothing in Enlightenment that allows to assign color profils to devices, typically: one for laptop screen, one for external screen, one for printer.
Tools like xcalib don't allow to have several profiles (AFAIK, to).
Gnome uses freedesktop's colord for that and Gnome3 is quite helpfull (automatically search for known color profil for a device for ex).

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Some correction since I opened that ticket:

  • there is a version of xcalib that supports multiple screen:
  • but now, each time I plug an external screen, the bad color profil is applied to it (i.e: I didn't find a way to make a color profil stick to a given screen).

That second point is perhaps due to something I don't understand in the parameter between output/screen, and by the fact that on my enlightenment config, the external screen becomes the principal one.

When the two screens are connected, I use:

# reapply color profil on laptop screen
/usr/bin/xcalib -s 0 /path/towards/color-profil/xps15-fullhd.icm
# clear external screen
/usr/bin/xcalib -output 1 -clear

Hope it helps,