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Efl.Text.Markup: Add <br> support to markup_set
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This was present in legacy markup and I assume we need to remain compatible (despite the API call change) renamed this task from Efl.Ui.Markup: Add <br> support to markup_set to Efl.Text.Markup: Add <br> support to markup_set.Dec 21 2017, 3:39 AM
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A #Goal ticket should not be set to a milestone.

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I guess this is still an issue?

Yes, this is still an issue. It is used by the Hello World tutorial, which has not rendered correctly since its inception (as seen in the tutorial picture).

Is this still an issue ?
Where multi-line support is disabled by default, if you enable it, it will work same as legacy

Yeah, this is fixed in C now. However, I cannot set Markup text from C# so I cannot fix the C# tutorial. Any idea @lauromoura ?
In C we are calling efl_text_markup_set(), but in C# I get:

Type `Efl.Ui.Text' does not contain a definition for `SetMarkup'

I honestly do not understand where does Efl.Ui.Text get its markup support.

Yeah, the tutorial text is outdated and does not match the actual code in the examples repository.
I update the tutorial text periodically, but it is a nightmare since we are changing the API all the time.