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Eolian documentation fallback
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The eolian_documentation_[summary/description/since]_get() should always return the correct piece of information, also if the doc is inherited from a parent obj. This is something really visible with Eolian_Implement but I I think there are other objects that need this.

I think this must be implemented inside eolian to ensure all olian users will always get the same results.

I already tried to implement this in both pyolian (the wrong place) and in eolian itself, but I didn't end up with a decent solution :(

DaveMDS created this task.Jan 5 2018, 1:03 AM
segfaultxavi triaged this task as TODO priority.Jun 25 2018, 2:38 AM
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eolian_aux which is currently under review (D7245) provides this.

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